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Spa-inspired beauty serum sheet mask filled with moisture


Faces the mind, body, and skin, and is unwavering and beautiful in various environments

Now that the environment surrounding us has undergone a major transformation, we
have been forced to shift to a new lifestyle.
Many of
you may have realized the importance of facing the "balance" of your mind, body, and skin .

The "balancing" line creates a "spa-inspired" sheet mask inspired by Japanese hot springs
that leads the skin to its original appearance.

By concentrating the "power of Japanese water" such as hot spring water and botanica water,we carefully select natural materials that consider the growing environment and manufacturing environment,
from the cotton used for the sheet to each of the beauty essence ingredients, organic.


We have obtained certification, "COSMOS certification".

When used after washing your face,
it should support the penetration of items used afterwards and awaken a fresh and transparent feeling.
Care wrapped in the fragrance of THREE's unique blended essential oils
will release your mind, body and skin, and give you a
special self-maintenance time to take good care of yourself .

The birth of holistic skin care products that nurture unwavering beauty in a variety of environments .


THREE Balancing Spa Sheet Mask

Raw material 99% Natural origin/Raw material

20% Organic farming

16ml x 6 sheets

What awakens is a fresh and transparent feeling.
Spa-inspired organic serum mask

A spa-inspired organic beauty essence sheet mask that charges deep moisture and carefully selected botanical ingredients to clean skin after cleansing.
It softens the dry and stiff stratum corneum and supports the penetration of the next item to be used as a booster.
Wrapped in a pleasant fragrance of essential oils, it guides the mind, body and skin to their original state and gives them a fresh and transparent feeling.
For skin that tends to be out of balance due to irregular life and stress.


1. Remove the mask from the bag, unfold it, and align your eyes.

2. Along the "midline" of the face, fit the left and right contrasts in the order of the eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

3. Gently fits the entire face towards the face line.

4. Take a deep breath of the scent and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes before removing it.

5. Gently apply the beauty essence left on the skin with the palm of your hand.

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Organic cotton sheet

A soft sheet made of organic cotton.
It contains plenty of beauty essence, fits snugly against the skin, and delivers the beauty essence ingredients to every corner of the stratum corneum.
Generally, an adhesive is used to prevent fluffing on the surface of the sheet, but since this sheet is processed by the power of water, it has excellent biodegradability.


Hydrogen carbonate hot spring water(Wakayama Prefecture Manju Onsen water)

Bunshu Onsen in Wakayama Prefecture is a rare "hydrogen carbonate hot spring water" among the many hot springs in Japan.
It has the effect of softening the skin and is known as "Beautiful skin hot water" because it leads to a smooth and smooth texture.


Mushroom extract (Albatrellus confluent extract)

An extract extracted from Albatrellus confluence, the genus Albatrellus.
Gently prepares skin that has been shaken by environmental stress.


Iodobacter extract *(Maltodextrin, water, succinic acid)

A component derived from extremophiles that live under the glaciers of Switzerland. It makes the skin that is disturbed by lack of sleep and irregular life healthy.
It is a sustainable raw material that considers the ecosystem and the environment by culturing rare bacterial components using biotechnology.

* Iodobacter extract is sprayed on maltodextrin and dried to make an extract.

Main moisturizing and emollient ingredients
[ essential oil] Frankinsens oil / bergamot peel oil / geranium oil / neroli oil / mandarin orange peel oil
[vegetable oil] olive oil / tea seed oil / jojoba oil
[botanical & mineral water] orange fruit water / hot spring water / Kumazasa water / Apple fruit water
[Extract] Iodobacter extract / Cha flower extract / Cha leaf extract / Mushroom extract

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