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Beauty is in the natural body. Radiant
skin that gives you a firmer feel .

THREE's new base make-up series makes
it look natural like bare skin, even though

it is flores.

The smooth lifting * effect that makes use of

plant-derived ingredients corrects dullness,

darkening, and roughness due to unevenness.

The base makeup of THREE propose at any time,
"seen through their own likeness, such beauty of the skin."

Pull out the beauty rather than obscure,
bring fresh breath to the skin, is the

birth of a new series ..
* Due to makeup effect



THREE Advanced Ethereal
Smooth Operator Primer

All 1 type 30mL

84% naturally derived ingredients paraben-free

Both texture and skin color. A beauty essence-inspired primer that brings a sense of life to the skin .

A primer that feels like a beauty essence that smoothes the texture of the skin with a rich moisturizing feeling and seamless spread. It fills the skin with unevenness and uneven color with the moisture of the skin care concept, and prepares it in a smooth and uniform state.


"Smooth fiber", a plant-derived ingredient, covers dullness by creating an ultra-thin fiber net on the surface of the skin, leaving the skin smooth.


Petal Fresh Color evens out uneven skin tone and awakens a sense of life

in a natural complexion.

* Cellulose (smooth component, surface modification component)


THREE Advanced Ethereal
Smooth Operator Fluid Foundation

All 8 colors 30mL

Naturally derived ingredients 84% ​​SPF40 / PA ++ UV absorber free Paraben free

Smooth lifting * for
radiant, high-quality skin.

A fluid foundation that brings out a radiant and bright natural body by giving the skin prepared with a primer a more firm feeling. The new ingredient ** "Smooth Fiber ***" fits like a part of the skin and flattens the unevenness.


At the same time as the noise on the skin surface due to shadows is suppressed, it keeps a transparent finish without feeling pores. Smooth lifting * effect that makes the whole skin firm and firm gives a light and comfortable texture.

* Due to makeup effect

** First blended in THREE base makeup

*** Cellulose (smooth ingredient, surface modification ingredient)




THREE Advanced Ethereal
Smooth Operator Loose Powder

All 2 types 10g

Paraben free

Wherever slip crab,
keep the Poaresu fine skin.

Loose powder that gives your skin a smooth feel when you touch your cheeks. It creates a moist and uniform texture without leaving a powdery impression on the facial expression.


The elastic "Bouncing Powder *" fits the skin lightly and keeps the brightness without shadow for a long time.

* (Trimethylpentanediol / adipic acid / glycerin) Cross polymer (skin conditioning component)

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