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Beyond relaxing.

Feel the change in the bathtub, mind, body and skin.

Beyond relaxing.

Feel the change in the bathtub, mind, body and skin

In addition to the purpose of cleaning the body, bath time has
its own meaning and commitment depending on the person, and there are various ways of spending it.

The bath time proposed by THREE is a way of spending "self-control" that faces one's mind and body
by consciously choosing today's bath essence , just like choosing the herbs that one needs at the time of bathing

For the bath essence unique to THREE , which considers self-care as a part of life, we have prepared.

a <balancing> line based on the focus on the rhythm of the day and
an <aiming> line based on the focus on the rhythm of the moon.

Because it is an item that wraps the whole body in the bathtub,
we have sharpened our five senses with careful selection of organic ingredients, and even in THREE's holistic care, the essential oil content is particularly rich.

Please enjoy the mind, body and skin that you can feel the change in the bathtub.

<Key ingredients common to bath essence>
Cha flower extract, rape seed oil, flankin sense oil , bergamot oil, geranium oil



THREE Balancing Beloved Bath Essence

"The rhythm of the day made in bath time"

Three types of bass essence sets focusing on the rhythm of the day.
Choose according to the scene and your physical and mental condition, such as the beginning of the morning, after exercise during the day, when refreshing, or for relaxation before taking a rest.
The mild comfort wraps the whole body and can be used by families.


Wake up

A herbal citrus scent that combines the characteristics of refreshing tea tree oil and warm orange peel oil . At the beginning of the day.
When you want to get motivated.
When you want vitality.



A green citrus scent that combines the characteristics of fresh grapefruit peel oil and refreshing eucalyptus radiata oil . After sweating in sports and leisure. When you want to change your mood.


Deep Relax

A floral citrus scent that resonates with the relaxing neroli oil and the soft mandarin orange peel oil .
When you want to get a good night's sleep.
When you feel very tired.


THREE Aiming Beloved Bath Essence

"Rhythm control by snuggling up to women's fluctuations"

Three types of bath essence sets focusing on the biorhythm of the moon.
Please choose according to various conditions of women's feelings and physical condition that are liable to change.
With noble sophistication and tenderness, we will snuggle up to the fluctuations peculiar to women so that you can spend your time comfortably at any time.
* Please refrain from using if you are pregnant.



An oriental floral scent filled with euphoria, with a mellow scent of frankincense oil and rose oil .
When you want to calm your frustration and feelings.



A floral herb scent filled with geranium oil and rosemary oil for an uplifting feeling from the core.
When you become sensitive to even the smallest things and your mind and body tend to shake.



The scent of citrus spice that bergamot peel oil and fennel oil bring freshness.
When you want to fill with a sense of life and exert your power.

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