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〈Essential Oil〉

Neroli Oil

Citrus aurantium


Family: Rutaceae
Area of production: Morocco
Extracted from the flowers (buds)

Neroli oil is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree older than 20 years. The branches and leaves of the same tree generate petitgrain and the peels of the fruit produce bitter orange essential oil but each of the three oils has a different scent. The flowers yield much less oil than other parts of the tree, which explains the higher price of neroli oil.
The term “neroli” is derived from the fact that Anne Marie, the princess of Nerola, Italy, was fond of the scent. It is said that she introduced the essence to the social circle in Paris by using it to perfume her gloves, which caused a sensation. The fresh citrus scent together with a graceful floral note brings fragrance that is both light and relaxing.

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