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MESSAGE FROM RIE OMOTO, Global Creative Director

Dear THREE customers, from Brooklyn apartments with love.

Locked down in NYC, my dog ​​and Jack and Bowie stay as close to home as possible and maintain a social distance.
In such a situation, we sincerely pray for your safety, believing that we can overcome the difficult and challenging situation of today.

In fact, the other day, I heard the news that one of my friends was infected with the coronavirus. I heard that I felt very hard, but after two weeks I heard that it has improved a lot and I wanted to share it with you as a hope.

And I'm trying to spend my time positively thinking about the future. Expand your dreams, what a wonderful thing you can do if you are free from this crisis.

For example, when thinking about beautiful colors and trying to come up with new product ideas, I realized that there was a lot of hope and energy to move forward. So I want to share with you the positive habits and ideas that have helped me every day, so I'll send you a message.

holistic image_RGB.jpg

1. Remember that stress is a killer and is bad for your immune system

Remember that stress is the enemy of your immune system. Relieve stress and anxiety with plenty of sleep and time to meditate.

​2. Now is a good time to stay home and be creative

Now, spend time creatively in the house. Start a project that you've always wanted to do now!

3. It's okay to enjoy your own time

Let's enjoy your time again.

4. Be chill, relax and breathe deeply

Calm down and relax. And take a deep breath.

5. You are alive and that is a wonderful thing !!

That you are alive now. How wonderful!

6. Create a regular daily schedule which includes gentle exercise and yoga

Incorporate light exercise and yoga into your daily schedule.
There are many attractive lessons online now. And many of them are free.

7. Think and act positively.

Think positive and act. Meditation is effective to keep your thoughts straight.


8. Love and care for yourself

Love and value yourself.
When you want to gently lift your feelings, you can try burning incense and candles with your favorite scent.
And THREE items such as lotions and creams can help your skin tired of daily hand washing, disinfection and showering.

9. Love others and spend more time with your animals

Spend a lot of time with pets at the time when you have affection for people.
The energies and emotions you give will return to you.
So don't be greedy to monopolize everything.
Everyone knows what they're doing, not what they're missing, so they can get what they need.

10. Lean something every time you fall down.

If you fall, you can learn there.
Difficulty is a chance to good luck. Turn the end of the problem into a positive change.


11. Be healthy in mind and body Eat well and don't punish your body

Both mind and body are healthy. Eat properly and don't hurt your body with unsuitable chemicals.
When it comes to organic, fresh and natural things, that is the best choice.
Drink plenty of clean room-temperature water and hot water, and at the same time wash your mouth and nose so that your breathing is clean.

12. Try to eat a healthy, clean, organic plant-based diet.

Healthy, clean, organic, vegetable-based life.
The benefits of traditional Japanese meals (rice, miso soup, pickles, and fresh vegetable-based menus) have always attracted worldwide attention.
Don't drink (too much) alcohol. Drinking can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of infection.

13. Spend more time looking at nature and connecting to the earth

Avoid crowds, poor air, and areas full of cars and concrete as much as possible instead of spending more time watching nature and feeling connected to the earth.
You should also spend as little time reading negative social media and news as possible. Often these are just gossip, and gossip and click advertising articles are not reliable. Reading them can make you uneasy or depressed more than necessary. Anxiety and depression can weaken the immune system.

14. Be thankful for what you have

Thank you for what you have now.
It's time for everyone to be as hard as they are, or even more so, thank the luck of this planet.
We all have been elected to the space lottery and have been alive. Each of these breaths is a gift of love.

15. Be kind and care about the planet and each other

You will be kind and kind to this star and to your friends.
It is always the message that the THREE brand values ​​most.
After this crisis, a lot of things will need to change and each of us must make things better. Work together to make society a more peaceful, healthy, and loving place.

Now, this difficult situation has made me realize what is really important in my life and tells us how valuable this time is.
Believing that we can survive the future by living wisely, being kind to our neighbors, and cherishing each other.




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