The optimal balance of moisture brought by rhythm.

Have a well-balanced meal and go to bed at 10:00pm. It is also true that there are many people who do not realize such an ideal life rhythm. THREE Balancing Line is a basic care that was born based on the rhythm inherent in the mind, body and skin.

THREE has been convinced of the power of plants since its birth and has continued to stick to it, carefully selecting the natural blessings such as essential oils and vegetable oils, and obtaining the international organic certification “COSMOS” on the new balancing line. Irregular life rhythms created by modern society and “moisture balance” that tends to be swayed in harsh environments.

Fresh and deep plant fragrance and textures that resonate in the five senses. It is the
natural beauty of the skin that wakes up through a well-maintained comfort .


To all women who live in a dizzying present. Let's
arrange the rhythm and get the optimal balance of mind, body and skin .

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