Awaken Your Inner Spirit This Spring with THREE Spring Makeup Collection

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of contemporary fashion and and become an individuality where you can truly come alive. This spring season, THREE brings you the RE.EVOLUTION DANCE collection to inspire you, to keep you dancing on and blossoming together with the flowers of spring. Infused with the power that calls forth the arising spirit, this collection will renew your vitality, awakening new ways of life and fresh forms of beauty.

Inspired by the goddess of Greek mythology, Persephone, which also described as the goddess of spring, we are taking its perspective on the world. The cycle of the 4 seasons will always keep repeating year after year. Just like a bud blooming into a flower, your lips will show the colour of spring and your skin will be pulsing with vitality. You will feel the essence of spring in you.

With just a single touch, you will feel a spark of joy for being able to create the looks that you wanted according to your mood or occasion – whether it’s mature or innocent, glamorous or sensual. Expand your potential, choose your colours, filled yourself with positive energy and create a new you that define who you really are. THREE Spring Makeup 2021 Collection will open the door to a world where you can be truly free and alive.

Let’s discover a world of THREE Spring Makeup RE.EVOLUTION DANCE that will make you feel alive…

THREE New Sensations PPP

“Take your skin from winter into spring. Breathe new life into it to awaken moisture and translucence.”

This limited edition pressed powder features 4 pale shades and 4 shades of pearl that will infuse your skin with a translucent sheen and a rosy glow. Only one application is needed to awaken your skin, adding a touch of spring-like color, smoothing out pores and textural irregularities, infusing your face with dewy moisture, and creating a soft, fine look. THREE New Sensations PPP offers long-lasting protection against the dullness caused by sebum and sweat, keeping your face looking vibrant from morning to night.

Comes in single variety of 4 pale shades: Lavender, Pink, Natural, Yellow.

THREE Shadow Play Contouring Palette

“Light and shade blend into your face, bringing out the beauty of your bone structure.”

This palette of shading and highlighter powders features colors and textures designed to blend in and become part of your face. Create a natural frame for your visage and brings out your bone structure in a way that makes it appear not only sharp, but elegantly defined.

Blend together the yellow-toned light brown and red-toned dark brown powders to create shadows that work in harmony with your skin tone. The dewy silky touch powder has a skin-firming effect that creates a fine-grained appearance.

Available in single variety of 4 shades in a palette: Light Beige, Highlighter, Light Brown, Dark Brown.

THREE Dimensional Vision Eye Palette

“The legend of spring in a carpet of flowers recreated on your eyelids."

Welcome spring to your gaze with THREE Dimensional Vision Eye Palette that reflects colours of beautiful blossom, reminiscent of the world of legends. The top left shade adds vitality with well-defined radiance while the top right shade provides a succulent sheer luster. The bottom left shade offers the softness of a lightweight matte texture and the bottom right shade imparts a clear luminescence to create a contrast. These complimentary shades and textures will offer you the freedom to create the right vista to express who you are today.

Comes in 2 new shades.

THREE Arising Spirit Lip Glow

“Add color and light to your warmth. Highlight the new spirit radiating from your lips.”

A completely new category of lip product in our brand, THREE Arising Spirit Lip Glow will give your lips a fresh lustrousness with vivid color. It will melts on contact with the warmth on your lips, clinging to them as though part of your own visage and radiating a succulent inner glow. With quick application and colours that are suitable for any occasions, you can feel at ease and easy when using this Lip Glow. For a more neutral look radiating a positive, open attitude, lightly blot a tissue against your lips after application to leave a softer texture with a tinted sheen.

Comes in 10 shades

THREE Art Expressionist Mascara

“Elegant lashes serve as a frame that brings out the springtime in your eyes.”

THREE Art Expressionist Mascara will outline your spring-clad gaze in sophisticated dark colors. It will add volume and length from root to tip, while ensuring that lashes still look dainty. The crisscross bristles of the spiral-coiled brush neatly separate each and every lash, while unfailingly capturing even the shortest lashes. The curl-boosting, curl-keeping and waterproof formula will maintain a sophisticated look all day long.

Comes in 2 new shades.

THREE Advanced Eye-Dentity Browshaping Duo

“Color, shape, texture. A wax and powder duo for creating sophisticated brows.”

This brow-shaping duo features a wax that allows you to draw each and every brow hair individually, varying the depth of color as you choose, and a powder that adds a natural finish. This Browshaping Duo is hard enough to make drawing your brow hairs easy and the wax’s smooth texture ensures it clings to your skin.

The accompanying angled brush ensures even fine lines stand out crisp and clear. The finishing powder adds a soft layer of nuance and depth to your brows, helping to define your face. Combine the 2 different colors and consistencies in your preferred balance to create a variety of looks that stay looking beautiful—right down to the texture—for hours on end.

Comes in 5 shades.

THREE Eyebrow Shaping Brush

“Creates pro-quality brows—you will see the difference at a stroke.”

This Eyebrow Shaping Brush has just the right width and thickness; the firm-yet-pliable eyebrow brush that will combs neatly through brow hairs and is perfectly balanced to ensure stable strokes. Changing the angle will gives you the freedom to create different effects - from soft brows to delicate individual hairs or to sophisticated angular eyebrow.

THREE Advanced Eye-Dentity Eyebrow Pencil

“A well-balanced tip draws beautiful eyebrows.”

This Advanced Eye-Dentity Eyebrow Pencil will give you the freedom to draw everything from fine, delicate lines to soft and full brows. It combines a powdery texture providing a natural finish with moisturizing elements for lines that glide on easily. This balance of 2 contrasting textures in one creates brows with sharp, clear color, bringing translucence and definition to your face. It comes with a spiral brush to assist with brow grooming.

Comes in 5 shades.

THREE Advanced Eye-Dentity Eyebrow Mascara

This Advanced Eye-Dentity Eyebrow Mascara is able to create even, natural-looking brow color and texture - just like a brow tint. The low-viscosity mascara fluid glides on smoothly to give each and every brow hair a flexible coating. Bring nuance and composure to your face with colors that look natural yet playful, while keeping brows tamed for hours.

Comes in 5 new shades.

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