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Bare-Faced Beauty: How To Ace The No-Makeup Look

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The most annoying question we get when we try a barely-there makeup look is: “Are you sick?”

Truth is, nude makeup doesn’t mean “no colour”! With the right use of subtle colours, you can add a bit of warmth to your complexion and accentuate your features. The no-makeup look is so easy and quick to recreate; you’ll be out the door in minutes, and nobody will be asking you whether you’re feeling under the weather anymore.

Take these celebrities, for example: Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato and Alicia Keys. Yes, they’re not afraid to rock bold makeup, but it’s their lived-in, bare-faced look that has us going, “I wanna look like that!”


Glowing, dewy skin

The secret to looking like a million dollars lies in making your skin glow from within. For base makeup, pump up the hydration factor with a liquid foundation that acts like your second skincare. (Try THREE Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum, which contains more than 75% beauty serum – talk about a treat for your skin!)

Wide-awake eyes

Curl your lashes, and create some depth to your eyes with a brown-toned cream eyeshadow that contains light-reflecting micro-shimmer particles. For a day look, line the base of your upper lashes with a slim eyeliner brush, and gently smudge with your ring finger for a natural look.

This season’s MUST-HAVE: THREE Daring Voyager in Dare To Touch (khaki with purple pearls), Dare To Try (amber brown with fine gold pearls), Dare To Live (rose with reddish violet pearls).

Healthy, flushed lips

Give your pout a soft pop of colour – a warm beige or rose works best to match your natural lip colour! No blusher? Use your fingertips to apply the same shade on your cheeks!

This season’s MUST-HAVE: THREE Daringly Distinct Lipstick in Dare 2B Decorous (elegant rose pink), Dare 2B Dashing (calm rose). Instead of swiping on the colour, use a dabbing motion to gently tint the lips, and blot with tissue for a stained effect.

This season’s MUST-HAVE: THREE Daringly Demure Lipstick in Voice of Freedom (warm beige), Sound of Freedom (nude beige). If your lips are always dry, choose a lipstick that’s infused with plant oils and butters. They smooth away visible lip lines instantly!

Made in Japan, THREE SS19 makeup collection challenges you to be brave – dare to be the woman you’ve always dreamed of becoming! Made with lots of caring holistic ingredients, with nourishing formulas designed for even sensitive skin, you’ll definitely love the newest selection of colours.

Check out the collection in-stores (Pavilion, The Gardens, Bangsar Village II, Isetan The Japan Store) or shop online for your fave shades.

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