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Be a Part of World Citizen With THREE’s 2020 Autumn Makeup Collection

Since we were born, we have met a lot of people, seen various landscapes and sunsets, and felt different kind of emotions. All of these memories and experiences have collectively become “me”, “you” and “us”, connected as a world citizen.

THREE cosmetics are bringing these sentiments to you via their 2020 Autumn Makeup Collection.

What’s in the new collection?

THREE Dimensional Vision Eye Palette Ally

The cream shadow palette that will blends onto your eyelids and provide you a seamless glow. It will brings out the depth of your eyes with a minimalistic effect. Depending on your mood and fashion, you can use a single colour or multiple colours on your eyelids.

Comes in 3 different palette sets with 4 eyeshadow colours in each palette.

THREE Art Expressionist Mascara

A colour mascara that creates colour with light and accentuate your eye makeup. It contains the combination of vivid colour pearls and black pearls that creates the colour. It also comes with a spiral brush that will carefully separates each eyelash and carefully coating them to give length.

This mascara was made with natural ingredients such as olive fruit oil, shea butter, tea seed oil, jojoba seed oil and evening primrose oil.

Comes in 3 different colours.

THREE Eyelash Care and Treatment Remover

A cleansing balm for eyelashes that also provides care for your eyelashes. It’s a functional mascara remover with a well-balanced combination of cleansing and treatment ingredients. It has easy application similar to applying mascara and does a great job even on the waterproof mascara. It will not strain your eyelashes and nurture the beauty of your eyes for a long period of time.

Some of the key ingredients are olive fruit oil, shea butter, cha seeds oil, jojoba seed oil, beeswax and canina rose fruit oil.

THREE Daringly Distinct Lipstick

A creamy matte lipstick that can bring out a new charm and show your uniqueness. With its superimpose colour on the lips, it will brings out the true character of the person inside and creates a beautiful harmony. The colour will not fade even over time.

Contains natural ingredients such as shea butter, tea seed oil, jojoba seed oil, beeswax, cannabara fruit oil, evening primrose oil and mint leaf extract.

Comes in 3 different colours in brown nuances. These are mature colours that naturally produce confidence and time.

THREE Daringly Demure Lipstick

A glossy glow lipstick that will give your lips a smooth glow. The natural colouring and beautiful luster will make your lips look plump and three-dimensional. It also has a high moisturizing effect that will benefit dry lips.

Contains natural ingredients such as shea butter, tea seed oil, jojoba seed oil, beeswax, canina rose fruit oil, evening primrose oil, candelilla wax and peppermint leaf extract.

Comes in 3 different colours which are based on nudie pink coral, adding each nuance to your complexion and express a different mood.


What is your favourite lipstick and eyeshadow colour for autumn season? Share with us!


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