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Best ‘glowing mama’ makeup for pregnant mummies?

At 8 months pregnant, Malaysian actress Debbie Goh is simply glowing!

“I thought it would be difficult to get pregnant at my age, so I didn’t even realize I was pregnant until my second month! Even my friends and family didn’t notice,” she told China Press.

With her bundle of joy on the way, Debbie celebrated in style with her besties at a baby shower party (see the fun on IG with the hashtag #ohbabydebbie)

Our Beauty Creator did Debbie’s ‘glowing mama’ makeup especially for the party, using a full face of THREE makeup!

At THREE, making sure our formulas are safe to use is incredibly important to us. That’s why all the ingredients in our products, from skincare to bodycare and even makeup, are carefully chosen to give your skin the best from Nature.

Infused with precious botanical and essential oils, THREE makeup is safe for pregnant women, so you can look good AND feel good at the same time!

Especially for all the strong, beautiful moms-to-be, we show you how to get Debbie Goh’s ultra-radiant look:

Primer: Angelic Complexion Primer #03

Like a colour filter for the skin, this primer adds a translucent glow while banishing unevenness, dullness and redness. Apply directly to skin after completing your skincare routine, with sunblock as the last step.

Foundation: Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum #204 & Airlift Smoothing Wand

A foundation that doubles as a daytime serum? This impressive second-skin foundation applies like an essence (it contains 75% beauty serum!), but wears like a radiance-enhancing base! Finish off with the Airlift Smoothing Wand, an ingenious veil that instantly hides imperfections like lines and pores for a diffused effect.

Eyeshadow: Daring Voyager #01, #04 and #06

Fresh from our SS19 collection, these butter-soft cream eyeshadows come studded with the tiniest but most glittery micropearls in contrasting shades, giving your eyes a 3D look instantly. Use your fingers, or use a brush – application is a breeze!

Blusher: Cheeky Chic Blush #01 and #02

With a texture so smooth, it almost melts when touched, a natural blush is created with two subtle shades of coral-pink. Even though it’s in powder form, the formula contains 7 types of botanical oils to hydrate skin all day.

Lipstick: Daringly Distinct Lipstick #06 & Daringly Demure Lipstick #04

Play with your colours and textures, and mix a matte lipstick with a glossy one to achieve a velvet-glow finish on your lips, like Debbie’s. The overall effect instantly brightens up the complexion, yet gives such a subtle, barely-there look.

Get your glow on and enjoy the best of pregnancy!


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