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Lifestyle Asia's Editor’s pick: THREE Cosmetics’ holistic values are exactly what your skin needs

THREE Cosmetics may be still new in the Malaysian market compared to the other beauty giants, but what they have behind the brand would be years of experience from renowned makeup artist, Rie Omoto. Based in New York, she has accomplished many in her years as a makeup artist, including working with top brands such as Tom Pecheux and Pat McGrath. Now as the creative director of THREE Cosmetics, she guides the brand into the beauty industry with a holistic approach to their core values.

The brand’s products do not only focus on achieving the skin’s balance but also the mind and body. The range of products helps in boosting the skin’s natural mechanism to ultimately enhance the skin to its best — looking ever healthy and radiant. This can be seen throughout their collection, including a skincare range, Aiming Line that is targeted towards female-specific concerns. So everything in their line, including their makeup products are made to act as secondary skincare to enhance beauty while nourishing your skin.

Ingredients also play a huge part in the brand, promising no parabens and animal testing — THREE Cosmestics uses certified organic ingredients as much as possible. As nothing can beat the gifts from Mother Nature, essential oils and plant-based ingredients are highly incorporated into their formulas.

Their packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but designed in such a way that allows the product to speak for itself. From their extensive range of skincare, makeup, hair and body care, we’ve narrowed down five products from THREE Cosmetics you can consider getting if you are new to the brand.

Cleansing Oil

In line with their holistic values, this cleansing oil is what made the brand notoriously famous worldwide. Made out of 98% naturally derived ingredients, it lifts away makeup, excess keratin, and air impurities thoroughly without disrupting the skin’s balance.

Cleansing Oil, RM219

Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum

This serum foundation is great for those yearning for optimum skincare benefits but also with slight coverage. This newly launched product is made out of 75% beauty serum that aims at the basis of beauty and targets skin concerns. Skin will be sufficiently moisturised underneath the weightless texture.

Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum, RM276

Aiming Emulsion

Light in texture but packed with moisture, this emulsion penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to increase its elasticity. It’s also nicely scented with fennel, geranium, and rose that do not react with the skin but boost its radiance instead.

Aiming Emulsion, RM369

Balancing UV Protector R

Fight off UV rays and environmental aggression with this face sunscreen. With SPF40/PA+++, your skin will not only be protected but also damages will be soothed thanks to moisturizing and emollient ingredients of botanical oils and extracts. The texture is rich but it absorbs quickly into the skin — making it remarkably beneficial for layering.

Balancing UV Protector R, RM176

Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation

While coverage has always been the key point when it comes to foundations, this one not only has that sorted but it also contains skincare benefits; thanks to the presence of botanical oils in its formula. Like a tinted emulsion, it goes on smoothly and covers the skin nicely without clogging it.

Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation, RM216

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