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Updated: May 24, 2020

THREE Holistic Etiquette Care Concept

Harmony of the Circadian Rhythm.

Women are controlled by hormone in one month’s period.

THREE help to prevent the ‘smell’ caused by the harmony impact toward woman’s body.

Stabilize your heart, body, skin

Normal responsibility for Intimate care items

prevent smell | prevent fungi from propagating | prevent inching

Body odor and menstrual cycle of women:

1. Odor of high temperature phase of basal body temperature.

2. Oxidative odor of excess sebum secretion during menstruation

3. Odor of vaginal discharge before menstrual

4. During menstruation

- Odor of menstrual blood ・underarm odor

5. Cause by strong stress

- Odor due to increased androgen secretion

➡The delicate zone is defined as the area with many apocrine lines.

➡Change the cleansing area according to the menstrual cycle.

➡Do not wash mucous membrane

Where you can apply?

- Inside the ear

- Behind the ear

- Underarm area

- Around the nipple (areola)

- Around belly button

- Genital area (V.I line)

- Around anal

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