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Japanese women’s skincare secrets for total radiance!

Updated: May 24

For centuries, Japanese women have been revered for their snow-white, petal-soft skin that glows with the radiance of a pearl. We asked them to share their beauty secrets, and you’ll get to read all about them in this blog post!

Let’s find out more about how you too can achieve the effortless radiance that Japanese women seem to carry off so perfectly:

#1: Replace your pearl milk tea with green tea or barley tea.

Brown sugar pearl milk tea is all the craze right now, but although we admit they taste good, each cup contains a whopping 335 calories! For comparison’s sake, it’s equivalent to 4.7 slices of white bread or 1.5 bowls of rice! For a healthier drink, switch to green tea, matcha or mugi cha (barley tea) instead – they contain antioxidants, and are basically calorie-free!

#2: Never underestimate the healing power of a good soak in the tub.

Japanese women love onsen (hot spring) or soaking in the bathtub. This helps to relax the body, open up pores and promote blood circulation. All this combined will give you a pinkish glow, because it helps you sweat too! While they’re in the tub, many women also massage their arms and legs, which brings us to…

#3: Fermented foods promote a healthier gut and clearer skin.

Miso, natto (soybeans), shio-koji, ume (preserved plums)… these ingredients might have a bad rep for their taste/texture/smell, but fermented foods are rich in good bacteria called probiotics! Probiotics helps promote immunity by improving the condition of your gut. When you have a healthy digestive system, your skin becomes clearer and less dull/yellowish.

#4: Hydration is the answer to all your major skin issues.

If you go to a Japanese drugstore, you’ll notice that their lotion (which we sometimes refer to as toner) come in huge bottles. Yes, Japanese women use a lot of toner, which they apply to skin very liberally after cleansing. They also soak cotton pads in lotion (which is always alcohol-free and non-astringent) and place them on skin for a super-hydrating treat.

#5: Natural ingredients are the best way to restore your skin’s glow.

Japanese beauty brands are always big on natural ingredients. From cleansing oils to makeup to bodycare and even shampoo, essential oils and botanical extracts are always something that the Japanese place emphasis on. We love how THREE uses lots of local ingredients sourced directly from Japan!

Know Your Ingredients: Sasa Kurilensis Water

Sourced from the forest in the Hakkoda Mountains, Aomori, Sasa kurilensis (striped bamboo) is known for its rich levels of saccharides, amino acids and vitamins.

The fruit and stems from the plant are used to produce a botanical water, preserving the vitamins and minerals. Sasa kurilensis water has the same acidity as our skin, thereby moisturising intensely for a supple, bouncy effect.

You’ll find this super-hydrating ingredient in THREE products like:

Balancing Lotion & Balancing Emulsion

Together, these two products deliver a power punch of DOUBLE HYDRATION. The first hydration step gives skin’s deeper layers lightweight but intense moisture. Then, the second hydration step seals in everything and prevents moisture loss from skin’s surface.

Exactly what your skin needs to combat the unpredictable weather changes!


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Made in Japan, THREE uses only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils, lovingly blended to be kind to your skin. All our products DO NOT contain Parabens, Mineral Oils, Animal-derived Ingredients and Artificial Fragrances.

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