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Long-Lasting Makeup Looks for Summer

Makeup in summer is tricky to nailed because of the high potential of it to melt due to the hot and humid temperature. Nobody wants to waste their time doing makeup only for it to last an hour or two before it’s gone. Every summer, you’re met with makeup that smears and drips midway through the day, and it’s no good.

Not every makeup looks in the summer should end up this way. To avoid the ‘makeup melt’ look, you can change your primer or foundations that will change your beauty routine and simply make your makeup look effortless during summer. We know just the right thing that would change your summer makeup game forever!

THREE Solar Tinted Glow Flow

With just one coat of the THREE Solar Tinted Glow Flow foundation, this multi-use liquid will help you:

  • Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays because it’s SPF50+/PA++++

  • Cover your pores

  • Brighten and hides dull skin

Why do we love THREE Solar Tinted Glow Flow?

1. Light texture & chemical-free formula.

The texture is so light that you will only need one thin layer to cover your pores and protect your skin from UV rays. With just one smooth and quick application, it hides pores and dullness under a veil of clearness.

2. Prevent the skin from getting oily.

The foundation will deliver a neutral finish like well-conditioned bare skin while keeping your face from becoming oily throughout the hot and humid day. It also has oil absorbing powder that will prevent oiliness and dullness all day long, making your skin looks healthy.

3. Inner moisture formula.

The foundation keeps abundant moisture inside horny layer while keeping your skin smooth and silky. You will have a cool and moistened skin all day long so that you don’t have to spend time worrying about oiliness and dryness.

4. Colour-control & clearing effect.

With a nuance of bright complexion, the foundation offers vibrant skin that is free from dullness, even after long hours. The clear colour pearls deliver a clear finish as if the skin is glowing from the inside.

5. Waterproof formula.

The foundation also employs waterproof formula that works strongly against water, perspiration and oil while providing a light finish, making it suitable for use during summer. It will stay dry and smooth even after long hours outdoor while keeping your skin beautiful with no apparent pores.

THREE Solar Tinted Glow Flow comes in 7 colours that will suit all types of skin tone.

While containing seven kinds of botanical oils, fats and extracts such as Cacay Seed Oil that helps preventing dullness and enhance skin tone, it is also free of UV absorbers, parabens, synthetic perfumes, mineral oils and organic dyes.


A good foundation is the base of the perfect makeup look in the summer. Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us!

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