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Make your own Raya SOS Rescue Kit!

As we gear up to celebrate the arrival of Raya, the annual “balik kampung” ritual is exciting but also stressful, especially if you’re going home with kids in tow (or even a new family member whom all your relatives are excited to meet for the first time).

It’s during this time that you’ll want to look your best. There will be non-stop rounds of friend and family gatherings, and the last thing you need is to have your skin act up and show signs of fatigue.

This is not the time you want your skin to give up, and you need to do something, quick!

Improve your eating habits.

Cut down on carbs, sugar and fried food – these will cause breakouts. Consume more fruits and fibre-rich foods, so you stay full for longer and are less prone to snacking. Every morning, don’t forget your vitamin supplements!

Sweat it out regularly.

When you exercise, your body releases toxins through your sweat, clearing up your skin. Do something that gets you moving: house chores, a 30-min YouTube video, take public transport, or opt for the staircase.

Water is your best friend.

Always travel with a bottle of water. Prepare it before you leave home, so that you’re less likely to forget or end up buying a sweetened soft drink at the rest stop or petrol station. Drink 500ml of water in the morning – it helps to flush your system (bye, constipation!) and give you glowing, bouncy skin.

Keep a Raya SOS Rescue Kit in your bag.

Emergencies can be avoided with a little pre-planning. It’s always best to travel smart and pack essential skincare items that can do more than one thing. Here’s what to include in your Rescue Kit;

1) THREE Double Cleansing Mini Kit, RM99

Take the day’s makeup and grime off with this cleansing mini kit, which includes THREE’s worldwide #1 bestseller, the Balancing Cleansing Oil.

2.) THREE Double Hydrating Mini Kit, RM100

THREE’s iconic Balancing Lotion and Balancing Emulsion, in compact sizes for your travel needs. Skin stays hydrated without feeling heavy. Yay!

3.) THREE Pristine Complexion Powder Foundation, RM197 (refill)

Don’t let the sweltering weather melt away your makeup! This lasting but skin-loving powder foundation comes with a highlighting shade that you can use to accentuate your cheekbones, nose bridge and Cupid’s bow.

4.) THREE Daringly Distinct & Daringly Demure Lipsticks, RM165 each

Pack two shades: a neutral-nude and a dramatic-deep colour, which can be used alone or together to complement your baju Raya. Forgot your blusher? Dab a bit of pink or coral lipstick on your cheeks for a natural tint.

5.) THREE Conditioning Mist SQ Set, RM185

Need a pick-me-up to stay alert while driving? Conditioning Mist SQ (A) helps you stay focused. At night, spritz Conditioning Mist SQ (R) to relax and calm down before you Zzz.

Have a radiantly joyful Raya, THREE lovers!


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Made in Japan, THREE uses only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils, lovingly blended to be kind to your skin. All our products DO NOT contain Parabens, Mineral Oils, Animal-derived Ingredients and Artificial Fragrances.

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