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OMG! The Scary Side Effects of Sun Damage!

Updated: May 24, 2020

Sun’s out, and it’s time for a beach holiday! Time to work on that beautiful tan and show off your skin!

But did you know?

About 85% of skin cancers are associated with UV damage, caused by the sun!

That’s a frightening number, considering how hot Malaysia is all year around. Still not convinced? Here’s what UV damage can do to your skin.

Side effects of sun damage

  • Dark spots & pigmentation

  • Dryness & dehydration

  • Premature aging (lines and wrinkles)

  • Sunburn

  • Increased risk of skin cancer

Generally, UVA rays are responsible for premature skin ageing and skin cancer, and

UVB rays are responsible for sunburn. That’s why you need a strong sunscreen product that will act as the first line of defense, shielding your skin from harm!

What is SPF?

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is how long a sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet (UV) B rays. The main factor of reddening and sunburn, UVB rays tend to damage the epidermis, skin's outer layers.

According to experts, a product with SPF50 means your skin stays protected for 50 times longer before it starts to burn. So if your skin takes 1 minute to get sunburn (while unprotected), SPF50 protection prolongs that duration by 50.

What is PA?

The letters “PA” followed by plus signs (PA+, PA++, PA+++, and PA++++) on a label are a rating system developed in Japan to represent how much UVA protection the product offers. PA simply means Protection Grade of UVA rays. The sun’s UVA rays do not cause sunburn; rather, they penetrate deeply and cause skin to turn brown. UVA rays are known as the sun’s silent killers because you don’t feel them affecting skin.

So, does that mean the higher the better?

In a new study, experts say YES! Whenever possible, you should always reapply your sunscreen, especially after a few hours in the sun.

Want to know how you can #StopTheSun from damaging your skin?

Check out these special UV sets made for you! Click here to shop.

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