The Optimum Mask-Proof Makeup Routine

The habit of putting makeup on our face before going out of the house is normal for all of us. Now with the new normal, we have to add another step after make-up and before stepping out of the front door – wearing a face mask. It’s hard to avoid transferring makeup to the fabric of the face mask due to its very close contact but it doesn’t mean that there is no solution. We call it the mask-proof makeup!

As any other makeup routine, the best prevention for a messy make-up is with the right foundation. We have prepared the best products, tips and tricks for you to achieve the optimum mask-proof makeup. But before we dive into it, do you know that prepping the skin before applying foundation is an important step too? This is the part where face primer comes to the rescue!

Step 1: Start With A Face Primer

Choose a smooth liquid primer that blends smoothly into your skin. A dry skin will look smoother and preserve the foundation and makeup that will be applied onto your skin later.

Try: THREE Advanced Ethereal Smooth Operator Primer

This face primer is a 3 in 1 beauty serum like primer that minimizes pores, promotes moisturizing benefits and provides natural glow. It contains beauty essence that will instantly penetrates deep into the skin and creates a smooth, silky, flawless skin. Enriched with lavishly derived moisture compounds that masks dulness, this face primer will promote a brighter and even complexion. It will also create a natural and healthy look with its rose petal color.

Formulated with 84% naturally derived ingredients, paraben and fragrance free. The primer does not irritate nor aggravate the skin, posing a great solution for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Step 2: Apply Your Foundation Immediately After Skincare

Apply your foundation immediately after applying primer so that it will set on your skin for as long as possible before you move on to powdering.

Try: THREE Advanced Ethereal Smooth Operator Fluid Foundation

A new-generation liquid foundation that excels in lightness and feeling of fittedness. It forms an ultra-thin layer of film on the skin to prepare and condition the skin, just like a purpose of a corset. The smoothing effect of the semi-transparent fiber smoothes out even the smallest irregularities on the skin while firming the skin to reveal an effortless radiant finish, although the layer applied is extremely thin.

This foundation will set you free from greasiness and provide a light and smooth texture that lasts for a long time. Since it’s light and transfer proof, it’s perfect to be used as part of your mask-proof makeup rotine.

This lightweight, long lasting and breathable foundation is formulated with 84% naturally derived skincare grade ingredients and paraben free. It also include SPF 40/PA++ that will ensure the skin protected from any UVA/UVB rays that darkens the overall skin appearance. All in all, this foundation is ideal for daily use and for all skin types to enjoy its botanical and holistic components of THREE.

Step 3: Pat and Roll With A Compact or Loose Powder

Use a compact or loose powder as the finishing touch to your face makeup routine. This is to sweep away the excess grease, wicks away moisture and to prevent the mask from rubbing too hard on the skin.

Try: THREE Advanced Ethereal Smooth Operator Powder

This unique loose powder provides smoothness like baby’s skin while having elasticity, its not drying and does not seep into your pores. The non-powdery thin film does not impair the skin texture finished and even realizing high-definition skin texture. It can be apply thinly and evenly without any technique by using THREE Pristine Complexion Powder Foundation Brush. With this special puff, the powder will sticks on the skin with careful precision and extends the wear-power of your base.

This finely milled powder formula will able you to achieve an overall flawless complexion without looking cakey. Formulated with paraben free ingredients, the powder is safe to accommodate even to the most delicate skin with no irritation. You can choose from two textures: a smooth matte that gives off a soft light and a glow matte that looks like delicate frosted glass.

We hope you love these products that we have curated for your new mask-proof foundation routine!

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