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Hey everyone! Back for another product review. Today I’ll be reviewing the THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil! A worldwide bestselling, all-time favourite cleansing oil by Japanese brand THREE! Beauty lovers all around the world have it on their ‘Holy Grail’ list, calling it “the perfect cleansing oil”!

THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil is an ultra-smooth golden oil that thoroughly removes makeup and excess sebum. Made with a blend of precious natural oils, it cleanses deep into pores, melting away sunscreen, makeup and dirt. It also removes excess sebum, removing dullness and roughness.

What is so unique about THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil you may ask? 88% naturally-derived, with an amazing blend of essential oils (Orange Peel, Frankincense, Rosemary, Marjoram), it melts away makeup, tiredness and pollution for beautifully-clean and smooth skin, preparing you to wind down and get your beauty sleep!

Key Ingredient: Tea Seed Oil from Shizuoka, Japan In Japan, Shizuoka is famous for producing top-quality tea. The Tea Seed Oil used in THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil is extracted from the premium Tea Seeds planted in Shizuoka.

After cleansing, you’ll get a smooth, clear, supple complexion, ready to receive your skincare products.

In order to preserve the full benefits of Tea Seed Oil, the seeds are cold-pressed, which means the oil is carefully-extracted using a heat-free method. It provides an excellent emollient effect, bringing fullness and softness to skin without feeling heavy.

The signature golden color you see in all THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil bottles comes from Tea Seed Oil. Unlike other cleansing oils, which need to be emulsified with water to create a milky texture, Tea Seed Oil is a natural emulsifier. Applied onto dry skin using dry hands, THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil transforms into a milky lotion even without adding water! It’s so easy!

How to use:

Start with dry skin and dry hands.Take an adequate amount (2 to 3 pumps) on your hand and warm it between your palms.Massage over face and neck, from the center outwards, and from bottom to top.Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

No colorings, no synthetic fragrances, no mineral oil – what you see is what you get. Every single THREE product was created with YOU in mind, giving you the purest, most natural pampering, the way Mother Nature intended. Experience a holistic cleansing journey like never before with THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil.

About THREE:

Made in Japan, THREE products are based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin. It actively supports the skin by boosting its natural mechanism to enhance the skin to become what it was born to be. Under the lead of its makeup Creative Director, Rie Omoto, who is a New York-based makeup artist, the brand boasts a complete, beautiful skincare and makeup line – acting as secondary skincare to enhance beauty while nourishing your skin – with finest ingredients, texture and quality. To accomplish this, THREE has taken particular note of the powers of essential oils and other plant-based ingredients.

THREE Fundamentals:

Does not use Parabens. Does not conduct animal testing.

Uses certified organic ingredients as much as possible.The power of nature is proven. Nothing can beat the gift from Mother Nature.

THREE is NATURAL, HONEST & CREATIVE. “Lovingly created in Japan, we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients given to us by Nature. We believe that beauty is a holistic ritual, which is beneficial to your mind, body and skin. Our holistic range of skincare, makeup and body care products contain precious essential oils and botanical extracts, carefully-chosen to reveal your skin’s natural beauty.”

—by Amanda Imani

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