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THREE Balancing UV Protector, your SOS to #StopTheSun!

Updated: May 24

Are you scared of the sun? Do you worry about going out with your family to the park or on picnics, because you don’t want to get any more dark spots on your face? Do you still diligently wear long-sleeved tops and long pants even though it’s super hot outside?

Well, you are not alone. Many of us face this dilemma too – “Should I dress lightly to beat the heat, or should I protect myself from future skin damage?”

THREE has heard your problems, and we have created the perfect solution to your sun-related woes! Yes, it’s time to #StopTheSun once and for all!

Gentle yet effective protection for all!

Within each tube, you’ll find a wonderful blend of essential oils, each carefully-selected to give your skin the tender loving care that THREE is known all around the world for.

  • Packed with naturally-derived ingredients

  • Featuring THREE’s signature holistic approach

  • The finest essential oils and botanical extracts

  • Lightweight and non-greasy

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Made in Japan with the latest sunscreen technology

1. THREE Balancing UV Protector R, 30ml (SPF40 PA+++)

94% naturally-derived ingredients!

Frankincense Oil | Patchouli Oil | Lavender Oil | Cranberry Oil

As the last step of your daily skincare routine, this smoothing face sunscreen doubles as a primer, helping your favourite THREE base makeup apply like a dream. Free from UV absorbers, the nourishing texture spreads easily without weighing skin down.

2. THREE Balancing Body UV Protector, 80ml (SPF50 PA++++)

94% naturally-derived ingredients!

Rosemary Oil | Ylang Ylang Oil | Tea Tree Oil | Tea Seed Oil

Free from UV absorbers, this super-lightweight body sunscreen shields arms and legs from environmental stressors. It’s non-sticky and dries smooth, so you can move around comfortably all day long without worrying about the sun! Even when the sun’s shining brightly in the sky, you can safely wear your favourite tank tops and shorts.

Made with LOVE, for little ones too!

THREE Balancing UV Protectors are so mild, they can even be used on toddlers (who can already consume solid food) and children!

Now, everyone in your family can have fun outdoors without worrying about skin damage, thanks to THREE Balancing UV Protectors for Face and Body. #StopTheSun and save your skin with THREE!


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