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THREE’s #StopTheSun Tips: How to stay safe and still enjoy the outdoors

Previously, we talked about what the sun does to our skin. Today, THREE shows you how you can keep your skin protected with these easy-to-follow tips!

1. Avoid the sun between 11am to 4pm.

This is when the UV rays are strongest, and cause the most damage to your skin.

2. Stay away from tanning and/or UV tanning beds.

Sun-kissed skin is beautiful, but do you really want to spend hours baking yourself under the unforgiving sun?

3. Don’t forget to cover up.

If you’ll be outside, stay protected with a wide-brimmed hat, UV-blocking clothing, a sun umbrella and sunglasses.

4. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Choose at least SPF30 with PA+++ for your face and body. More on that below!

4. Remember to reapply!

Yes, once is not enough, especially if you’re directly under the sun! You should reapply your sunblock every 2 hours after swimming or excessive sweating.

#StopTheSun with THREE’s Balancing UV Protectors for Face & Body!


THREE Balancing UV Protector R (SPF40 PA+++)

94% Naturally-derived ingredients

Key ingredients:

Frankincense Oil prevents aging & reduces blemishesPatchouli Oil heals & treats skin problems


THREE Balancing Body UV Protector (SPF50 PA++++)

94% Naturally-derived ingredients

Key ingredients:

Rosemary Oil protects & disinfects skin Tea Tree Oil soothes irritation & inflammation

And don’t forget the Number #1 rule: stay hydrated!!

Not just by drinking water (from the inside-out); but also with suitable care for your skin (from the outside-in)! No matter what your skin type, two simple steps is all it takes to keep your skin’s moisture levels in perfect balance.

FOR NORMAL TO OILY SKIN: Balancing Lotion + Balancing Emulsion

FOR SENSITIVE, ACNE-PRONE SKIN: Treatment Lotion + Treatment Emulsion

FOR MATURE SKIN: Aiming Lotion + Aiming Emulsion

Find your best match for your skin type – drop by any of our THREE stores (Pavilion, The Gardens, BV II, Isetan The Japan Store) for a complimentary skin consultation with our friendly Beauty Creators!

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