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Which Essential Oil Should You Use and How To Use them in a Bath?

Soaking in a warm bath can relieve sore muscles and joints and by adding essential oils to the bath, will make the it become even more luxurious, therapeutic and beneficial to the body and mind. When choosing essential oils to add to a bath, one must choose an essential oil that match their current needs and appeal to their senses. Diluted essential oils mixes are often used together with a bath to avoid skin irritation.

Why? Because undiluted essential oils are concentrated and could be irritable on bare skin and turn your relaxing bath into an unbearable one.

Essential oils are not water-soluble so it’s important to make sure that the oils are dispersed throughout the bath. That is why pure essential oils are often mixed with carrier oil to be diluted.

You don’t have to prepare your own essential oils mix with carrier oil anymore because THREE Beloved Bath Essence have all the essential oils mix that can suit your mood, body and mind needs. Just add and swirl half of the Bath Essence bottle in a bathtub full of warm water and you can enjoy the bath to your heart’s content. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for this season where one could have a homemade aromatherapeutic bath spa at home.

For a bath time that suits and focus on the rhythm of the day, where you need a refreshing or relaxing bath, the THREE Balancing Beloved Bath Essence set is the perfect mix of essential oils bath.


  • Wake Up - Balancing Beloved Bath Essence

For a revitalising and motivating bath at the beginning of your day. The herbal citrusy scent of the warm orange peel oil and tea tree oil will give your body vitality.

  • Day - Balancing Beloved Bath Essence

After a rigorous workout or sporty leisure, add this bath essence in your bathtub filled with water or lather a little bit on your skin when showering. Your mood will change positively and your tired muscle will be recharged to get you going throughout the rest of the day.

  • Deep Relax - Balancing Beloved Bath Essence

After a long and tiring day, when you feel tired, add half a bottle of this Deep Relax Bath Essence into your bath and soak in it to get a good night’s sleep. The floral and citrusy scent of the neroli oil and mandarin orange peel oil will surely sooth your mind and senses.

For a bath time that focus on biorhythm of the moon and unique to the various conditions of women’s feeling and physical condition, the THREE Aiming Beloved Bath Essence set will snuggle up to the fluctuations peculiar to women. You can now spend your time comfortably at any time in any conditions.


  • Calming - Aiming Beloved Bath Essence

Soak yourself in a warm bath infused with this bath essence when you want to calm your frustration and feelings. Filled with oriental floral scent with a mellow scent of frankincense oil and rose oil, this bath essence will surely ease you when you’re feeling.

  • Women - Aiming Beloved Bath Essence

When you become sensitive even to the smallest things and your mind then to shake, relax your mind and body by taking a bath swirled with this bath essence. Filled with geranium oil and rosemary oil, the floral herbal scent will surely calm you down and release the tension in your body.

  • Refresh - Aiming Beloved Bath Essence

There are times where you need a boost of life and to exert your power. This bath essence will surely be able to help you in achieving both. Contains bergamot peel oil and fennel oil that gives citrus spice scent, this bath essence will surely make you feel energised and powerful.

Do you have your personal favourite essential oils mix to your bath? Share with us!


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