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Why We're Mad About Matte This Month

Ask any woman who’s into lipstick, and she’ll gladly share her love-hate relationship with matte lip colours. Sure, they look AMAZING upon first application, but as the day progresses, you get all sorts of nasty, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Cracking and flaking. Hate it when this happens, leaving a trail of lipstick ‘crumbs’ everywhere – on your mug, on your spoon, on your teeth – EVERYWHERE.

  • Gross, patchy reapplication. This sucks, especially after a meal and you need to reapply your matte lippie because all there’s left is a discoloured outline.

  • Colour bleeding. Not to worry, we don’t mean ‘bleeding’ in the literal sense. In beauty speak, this is when darker lip colours sink into the skin and ‘travel’ beyond your lip lines, creating an unflattering smudged look.

  • Dry, peeling lips. Long hours of wearing makes your lips dry, even peeling in places. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT attempt to peel them off!

Thankfully, the makeup gods have heard our pleas, and behold – THREE Daringly Distinct Lipstick is here to put us out of our misery. As is custom for all THREE products, the highest emphasis is placed on creating a holistic formula that benefits the skin, yet delivers vivid colour in just one single swipe. Made in Japan, THREE takes extra care to use only the most precious essential oils and botanical extracts, without the use of any animal ingredients.

THREE Daringly Distinct Lipstick is formulated with NINE different botanical oils, fats and extracts. Yes, this might just be the most comfortable matte lipstick you’ve ever worn!

Seaberry Extract: A superfood that contains more than 200 types of vitamins to intensely nourish lips and prevent inflammation.

Peppermint Leaf Extract: This calming herb instantly soothes dry, irritated lips for all-day comfort.

Other natural ingredients include Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Tea Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil and Evening Primrose oil.

THREE Daringly Distinct Lipstick comes in 9 brand-new shades that flatter all skin tones and match any mood.

Feeling demure? DARE 2B DREAMY does it right with a cute pastel pink. Or you can vamp it up with DARE 2B DIVINE, a deep, dark red that’s unapologetically rebellious.

Discover your favourite shade on our website, or try them on for yourself at our stores: Pavilion (L3), The Gardens (L1), Bangsar Village II (GF) and Isetan Japan Store.

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