Product Description


“Make your mouth easy to wash your mouth.” Mouthwash

with a wrapping type that cleans up the smell of the mouth and unpleasant negatives that occur in a small amount of time, such as disturbed lifestyles or lack of sleep . . The refreshing sensation of high-quality essential oils and plant-derived ingredients can be used when brushing or finishing your teeth.


How To Use

In addition to daily toothpaste, after containing a packet in your mouth, rinse your mouth and then exhale.


THREE Purifying Oral Wash Naturally Ingredient 98% 8mL x 15 packets

SKU: T3M804
  • <Essential oil>
    Tea tree oil, bergamot fruit oil, Mandarin orange peel oil, rosemary oil

    <Botanical & mineral water>
    Hot spring water, Kumazasa water, Moon peach water, Lingo fruit water

    <Plant extract>
    Black tea extract, Lohhip extract


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