“Let the particles of light shine through the matte texture. A new dimension for the eyelids.”

Liquid eye shadow that gives a deep, matte texture to the eyelids, leaving a touch of smudginess.
Pearls in different sizes add vibrancy to the matte texture.
Bringing out an intelligent expression in the eyes with subtle presence.
Alchemical eye makeup evolves with a twist.

After applying it on the eyelids, gently smooth your finger on the eye shadow to awaken the sleeping pearls in the matte texture and make them sparkle even more like stardust, creating a dimensional-matte gaze.
Lays down highly consistent color so you can use it not only as eye shadow, but also eyeliner.
A new item full of unknown possibilities – enjoy various finishes with just one color.

THREE Alchemist Twist For Eye


Waterproof formula
A supple, soft veil that fits snugly to the eyelids.
Water and perspiration resistant for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Contains 10 kinds of plant oils / fats / extracts
Shiso extract, olive oil, meadowfoam oil, tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, beeswax

Contains Airy Smooth powder & Smoothing Fit powder
A creamy yet smooth and light texture has been achieved by combining two kinds of powder that have different functions at a highly blended rate.
Matte without looking opaque, achieving a deep, transparent gaze.

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