“Smoothly and clearly, this line of products brings the vision of love to the lips with color, texture and outline.”
These lip crayons draw outline of your lips clearly in dense color, making the lips suggestive of passionate love.
They spread color with amazingly creamy texture on the lips to secure an accurate lip line and elegant glow.
The crayons have both high moisturizing power and lasting effect, and keep your lips beautiful in terms of color, texture, and others for a long time.
They provide your lips with noble charm so that they may look seductive but not flattering.


THREE Amplified Spectrum Lip Crayon 3 shades (Limited Edition)

SKU: T2M485
  • Seven types of plant oil and fat contained
    Tea seed oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil, Shea butter, Beeswax

    Light touch oil blended
    It brings about the creamy texture that allows smooth applying.

    Clear color powder blended
    It brings about vivid and dense coloring, perfectly free from dulling.

    Fitting oil included
    It helps the lip color to stick faster to the lips, and keeps the coloring and texture beautiful for a long time.


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