SPF22/PA+++ free of UV absorber and parabens
Bringing out clarity of the skin, the primer conditions your skin color to an ideal tone, as if an omnipotent color filter is layered on the skin. Even if it’s used all over the face, the makeup does not appear to cover it up, achieving an even skin tone to bring out a sophisticated atmosphere, because it controls the skin color to banish unwanted skin elements such as dullness and redness.
A clear glow is generated by a combination of 3 ultra-fine pearls of different colors, to naturally cover the pores and wrinkles.
Enriched generously with shea butter, the primer will deliver you a second-skincare experience, giving moisture to your horny cell layer and softness to your skin.







THREE Angelic Complexion Primer 5 colors 30g 80% naturally derived ingredients

  • Botanical oils
    Hippophae oil, tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax

    Contains oil-control powder

  • 01 Pink Petal
    To make a fresh complexion out of a skin with cool tone that look pale, leading to a pure atmosphere.

    02 Just Peachy
    To give a translucence and freshness to a skin with warm tone and dullness, bringing about a happy atmosphere.

    03. Yellow Rose
    To give a translucence to a skin with warm/cool tone and redness/dullness, creating a refined skin color.

    04 Minty Froth
    To provide a neutral conditioning to a skin with warm/cool tone and overall redness, making a clear skin color.

    Brightens dark-toned skin that tends to look dull, creating a healthy appearance.


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