“With the nuanced black color, eyelashes give out eyes full of real willpower.”
Nuanced black mascara with blended coloring emphasizes streamlines of eyelashes.
With the expression of colors subtly glimpsing by the angle and light, you can display eyes full of real willpower unique to you.
Two kinds of fibers with different lengths achieve a good balance between length and volume.
While carefully coating the eyelashes from corner to corner of your eyes with spreadable mascara liquid, the multi-function brush with a characteristic structure also helps to separate each piece of your eyelash.
You can get the look in your eyes unique to you, which is elegant and impressive at the same time.

THREE Atmospheric Definition Mascara 3 shades


Seven types of plant oil and fat contained
Tea seed oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil, Shea butter, Beeswax

Two types of plant extract contained
Althea root extract, Aloe Vera extract

Clear color pearl blended
It gives the depth and the feeling of vitality to colors blended in black to make your eyes impressive but with sense of loss.

Double fiber combination
Two types of lightweight fibers with different lengths, achieve length and volume with just a single applying.

Smooth fit polymer blended
It applies coating to each of your eyelashes uniformly by erecting them from the root, then separates and curls them up.

Lasting polymer blended
It forms film resistant to water, sweat, sebum, smudge, and separates and curls up eyelashes.

Film type that can be washed off with hot water
It can be easily washed off with hot water, reduces strain on thin and delicate skins around eyes.

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