"Rhythm of the day made with bath time"

Three types of bath essence sets focusing on the rhythm of the day.
Choose according to the scene and your physical and mental condition, such as the beginning of the morning, after exercising during the day, when refreshing, and for relaxation before taking a rest.
The mild comfort wraps the whole body and can be used by families.

Wake up
herbal citrus scent that combines the characteristics of refreshing tea tree oil and warm orange peel oil.
At the beginning of the day. When you want to get motivated. When you want vitality.

green citrus scent that combines the characteristics of fresh grapefruit peel oil and refreshing eucalyptus radiata oil.
After sweating in sports and leisure. When you want to change your mood.

Deep Relax
floral citrus scent that resonates with the relaxing neroli oil and the soft mandarin orange peel oil.
When you want to get a good night's sleep. When you feel very tired.

<Package Contents>
・ THREE Balancing Bath Essence Wake Up 7.5mL × 1
・ THREE Balancing Bath Essence Day 7.5mL × 1
・ THREE Balancing Bath Essence Deep Relax 7.5mL × 1

<Common ingredients for 3 types>
・ Lavender oil with excellent balance adjustment effect
・ Yuzu seed oil with high moisturizing effect

THREE Balancing Beloved Bath Essence (Holiday Limited Design)

SKU: T0K188

<Essential oil>
Common to all three types: Frankincense oil, bergamot peel oil, geranium oil, lavender oil
Wake-up: orange peel oil, tea tree oil
Day: Grapefruit peel oil, eucalyptus radiata oil
Deep relaxation: neroli oil, mandarin orange peel oil

<vegetable oil> Abrana
seed oil, yuzu seed oil, olive oil, tea seed oil, jojoba oil

cha flower extract

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