99% natural origin ( Certified Organic )


“Lightly melts and fills. Dense moisture, approaching elasticity *.”
A cream with a mellow feel that leads to a supple and supple skin.
Softly wraps your skin with a rich scent with rich moisture and deep happiness.
While supporting the barrier film, it delivers a useful blend of plant extracts to a well-balanced, moist and well-balanced skin.
* Skin firmness

THREE Balancing Cream R 25g

SKU: T1M785

■ Moisturizing and emollient ingredients

<Essential oil>
frankincense oil, bergamot fruit oil, geranium oil, marjoram oil

<Vegetable oil>
olive oil, tea seed oil, parakashi oil, jojoba oil, maria thistle oil

<Botanical water>
Kumazasa water, Sumida cherry fruit water, apple fruit Water

<Plant extract>
Turmeric callus lysate, Crismarum maritimum extract, Cha flower extract, Passion flower extract, Yukinoshita extract, European beech bud extract


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