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Product Description


“The optimal balance of moisture that keeps the freshness of plants.”

Softly-fitting lotion with carefully selected botanical water and plant extracts.
It penetrates every corner of the stratum corneum and holds moisture securely.
Fill your dry skin and relieve your breath. It leads to healthy skin full of transparency and firmness.

How to Use
Apply an appropriate amount (3-4 pushes) to the cotton and gently apply it to the entire face.
It is more effective to hold cotton in both hands and do it symmetrically.

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Skincare Method

■ THREE's Holistic Skin Care Method
Introducing THREE's holistic care method that focuses on fragrances and massages to balance the mind, body and skin.

1. First, deep breathing the scent of essential oil Take an
appropriate amount of the product and warm the palms together. Before applying to the skin, gently cover your nose with your palms and take 3 deep breaths. Enjoy the scent of essential oils and relax your mind and body.

2. Move both hands symmetrically when accustoming to the skin. For both
face washing and moisturizing care , move both hands simultaneously and symmetrically when accustoming to the skin. Move symmetrically from the chin to the toe and from the center to the outside.

3. Lastly, flow
from the parotis to the clavicle. Finally, slide your finger from the parotid gland through the neck and toward the clavicle, and apply your hands to open your chest and adjust your breathing.

THREE Balancing Lotion R 140mL

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  • Moisturizing and emollient ingredients

    <essential oil>
    frankincense oil, bergamot fruit oil, geranium oil, marjoram oil

    <botanical water > kumazasa
    water, grape fruit water, apple fruit water

    <plant extract>
    turmeric callus lysate, chrismum maritimum extract, tea flower Extract, Noni juice, Passion flower extract, Fuyubodaiju flower extract



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