100% natural ingredients ( Certified Organic )


"A drop of plant blessings. A fine moment at the end of the day.” 
An oily serum that focuses on sleeping skin.
Turn your skin and mind that you've worked hard all day into an off mode, wrapped in a deep scent and a pleasant feel.
Delivering the bounty of rich plants and awakening, it leads to a lively skin filled with transparency and firmness.

THREE Balancing SQ Oil R

SKU: T1M786

■ Moisturizing and emollient ingredients

<Essential oil>
frankincense oil, bergamot fruit oil, geranium oil, neroli oil

<Vegetable oil>
flaxseed oil, olive oil, teaseed oil, parakashi oil, jojoba oil, maria thistle oil

<Plant extract>

alaria esculenta extract, Crisma Mali Michimum Extract, Cha Flower Extract, Hamana Leaf Extract, Apple Seed Extract


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