Free from UV absorbent
Soothe damages while protecting you from UV light and atmospheric pollution.
Formulated with 94% naturally derived ingredients, this facial protector is perfect with UV defense capable of fighting mid-summer UV light and defense capability protecting you from airborne environmental stressors.
Its rich texture makes it spread smoothly, leaving the skin comfortable without any greasy feel.
Its veil bonds firmly and does not mix up with your makeup base or foundation, thus preventing your makeup from getting messy.
Contains essential oils blossoming with the aroma of oriental tranquility.

THREE Balancing UV Protector R 30mL 94% Naturally Derived Ingredients

SKU: T1M432

Moisturizing, emollient ingredients

<Essential oils>
Frankincense oil, rosemary oil, bergamot fruit oil, lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, patchouli oil

<Botanical oils>
Jojoba oil, olive oil, tea seed oil, argan oil, shea butter, cranberry oil

<Botanical water>
Apple fruit water, Sasa kurilensis water

<Botanical extracts>
Yerba mate tea leafe extract, cork tree bark extract, cumin extract

<Protective ingredients>
Fossilized coral powder, silica


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