“The eyeliners capture the beauty of your gaze and present it intensely.”

The eyeliners with creative color and intense texture emphasize your beautiful eyes.
The rich fluidic texture and the brush with elasticity allow you to apply the eyeliner boldly and elaborately as you like.
Delicate color smoothly blended with delicate glistening brings out the impression of your eyes.
Supple gloss makes the eyeliner lively and uplifting with natural three-dimensional appearance.
The sharply etched frame of your eyes helps the world look more beautiful in your eyes.

THREE Captivating Performance Fluid Eyeliner

  • Eight types of plant oil and fat contained
    Olive oil, meadowfoam oil, tea seed oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil, Shea butter

    Radiant powder blended
    Delicate gloss gives depth and three-dimensional appearance to the eye and makes your eyes impressive.

    Soft powder blended
    Spherical powder allows you to apply the eyeliner in an even stretch as you wish.

    Long lasting smudge proof taken into consideration
    It contains polymer to form flexible film, which makes it resistant to sweat, sebum, smudge, and keeps your look for a long time.

  • 06 FAITH SO STRONG【Limited】
    Mystical and sacred dark lagoon that connects fantasy and reality.

    07 SHALL SUCCEED【Limited】
    Ingenious blue that quietly gleams with luminosity and determination.

    08 STAND SO HIGH【Limited】
    Army green that sleekly depicts tough and cool femininity.

    09 WALK SO TALL【Limited】
    Twilight brick that sweetly mists over with sensual nuance.

    10 FEEL NO FEAR【Limited】
    Mode and cool summer mauve that emanates a flexible, undaunted spirit.


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