“An expressive cream eye shadow with glitter that dances on your eyelids.”
A cream eye shadow that melts like butter on your fingertips for a wash of brilliant color and sheer, subtle shimmer.
Sprinkled with pearls that change their color depending on the angle of reflection, the color shifts as your expression changes, dancing across your eyelids.
A combination of a base color that blends well with your skin tone and pearls in a color that at first glance contrasts with the base color gives depth and dimension to the eyes. All six colors contain Black Pearls as well for natural shading.
A subtly finished limited item with a number of exquisite tricks hidden within a sheer veil.

THREE Daring Voyager


Three kinds of powders combined with a velvety oil
It forms a highly moisturizing oil veil thanks to the oils contained within that have excellent hydrating properties. It also contains three kinds of powders (Airy Smooth Powder for a silky smooth feel, Clear Powder for lucidity, Silky Fit Powder for a good fit). It smooths well, giving a silky finish.
Contains Daring Voyage Pearls / Black Pearls
Contains Daring Voyage Pearls, whose color changes as you move, as if they are dancing over your eyelids vertically and horizontally.
Contains Black Pearls to give a natural, sensuous depth and nuance to the eyes.
Contains 10 plant oils / fats / extracts
Shiso extract, olive oil, meadowfoam oil, tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, beeswax

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