“Whipped airy gel cheek tint for creating a radiant smile.”


The fresh cheek tint resembles a whipped and refreshing gel oil. The airy sense of clarity enhances the radiance of the skin while adding a complexion that seemingly colors the skin from the inside with delicate hues.

Apply a small amount of Epic Mini Dash to the cheeks and gently rub the highest part of the cheek with the ball of your finger to create an epic expression full of solidity and a feeling of vitality.

It can be also used as lip color for a soft matte finish.

Epic Mini Dash realizes a youthful and natural radiance with clear color development and powerful moisturizing action.

THREE Epic Mini Dash 9 Shades


<Airy smooth powder>
Produces a light texture that resembles whipped mousse

<Glossy crystal gel>
Adds a natural and youthful sheen

<Radiant synchronic formula>
Gives a radiance as if it is emitted from inside

<Botanical oils/fats>
Tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, beeswax, inca inchi oil


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