This facial scrub contains soft jojoba beads and moisturizing gel that work together to remove dead skin cells while hydrating the skin. The gentle jojoba beads give the skin a thorough polish to make it extra smooth. The moisture-rich gel leaves the skin fresh and succulent.


How to use

Take an adequate amount (slightly bigger than a size of muscat) and spread it evenly in the T-zone and on the entire face (avoiding the eyebrows, eye areas and around the mouth) in a massaging motion. Rinse thoroughly.



THREE Gentle Nourishing Scrub 120g Contains 89% naturally derived ingredients

  • Essential oils
    Frankincense oil, Tea Tree oil, Sandalwood oil, Bergamot fruit oil … emollient ingredient

    Botanical water
    Sasa kurilensis water, Apple fruit water,Orange flower water,Rose geranium flower water

    Scrub agent
    Jojoba beads(Cleansing ingredient、emollient ingredient)


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