"Let's paint the scenery that doesn't fade with emotional colors."

A liquid eyeliner with a unique color and drawing comfort that creates a creation beyond your imagination. Multiple tones intersect in one, expressing depth and spread.
Sometimes thick and powerful. Sometimes thin and delicate. It is a soft and stiff felt-type tip that controls both straight and curved lines.
Waterproof & smudge proof formula that fits the eyelid lightly and lasts long.

* Shake well with cap closed before use.
* Please keep the brush sideways during storage and use.
* When using for the first time, or leaving it with the brush pointed upward, the color may feel light. In this case, leave the brush tip down with the cap on, leave it for a while, shake it well, and check the color condition with the back of your hand before using.
* If eyeshadow or foundation adheres to the brush point, wipe it off with tissue paper before using.

THREE Indestructible Eyeliner


Contains 5 types of plant extracts <moisturizing ingredients>
tea leaf extract, alkane tree extract, hohoha leaf extract, roasted hiff extract,
bulbary leaf extract


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