"Let the long-awaited spring sun shine on those lips."

A lip crayon of a dispensing type that gives the lips a clear color and a glossy texture.
The rounded core thickness and softness give the lips a modern contour and a lively look.
Contains vegetable squalane, oil-rich and balm-like smoothness, like magic on lips.
Each time it is applied, it shows the presence of color, while maintaining its freshness and clarity.

THREE Magic Touch Lip Writer

  • Formulated with vegetable squalane
    An oil-rich formulation containing squalane derived from olives, and exhibits high moisturizing power.

    Reflection effect oil formulation (Emollient component) Reflection effect oil formulation
    that reflects light and color beautifully along the curve of the lips.

    7 kinds of vegetable oils and fats (Emollient ingredients)
    tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, beeswax

  • X01 BECOMING ME [Limited] <2020 SPRING COLLECTION model color>
    Return to your own. Reddish spring peach.

    X02 JUST HEAL [Limited]
    A grayish pink rose with elegance and calm.

    Refined strawberry red with innocent energy.

    X04 PAGAN POETRY [Limited] <2020 SPRING COLLECTION model color>
    Dusty rose that wakes up from sleep on misty sunbeams.

    X05 RED IN CLAW [Limited]
    Vintage red with a mood scent that sleeps in monochrome photos.


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