95% naturally derived ingredients


“Accentuating the color and shine, it keeps the hair tamed and beautifully defined.”

With a rich texture that is almost like a facial cream, this conditioner is packed with nourishing ingredients that are beneficial to the scalp and hair.
As if repairing the damage at the end of the day, it wraps the hair with rich moisture and works from the roots to enhance the beautiful color and shine.
The scalp is restored to a clean, healthy state and the hair becomes smooth to the ends and easily manageable with finger combing.

THREE Scalp & Hair Orderange Conditioner 165g

SKU: T6M609
  • Moisturizing and Emollient ingredients

    <Essential oils>
    Frankincense oil / Bergamot fruit oil / Lavender oil / Rosemary oil

    <Botanical oils and fats>
    Jojoba oil / Olive oil / Meadowfoam oil / Cranberry seed oil / Tea seed oil / Prune kernel oil / Avocado oil

    <Botanical water>
    Maple water / Rosemary water

    Sargassum horneri extract / Angelica keiskei extract


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