93% naturally derived ingredients


Frees damaged hair from the stress caused by shampooing.


The shampoo lathers well, producing a smooth, springy and dense foam.

Damaged hair tends to be harder to comb with the fingers when it is damp. The rich lather helps to detangle the hair to cleanse the entire scalp and hair without causing friction.

There are no tangles or rubbing between individual hairs after rinsing; instead there is a smooth feeling.

The foam rinses away rapidly. The result is a silky feel.

THREE Scalp & Hair Refining Shampoo 250ml

SKU: T6M607

<Essential oils>
Frankincense oil, Rosemary oil, Orange peel oil, Lavender oil

<Botanical oils and fats>
Jojoba oil, Tea seed oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, Shea butter

<Botanical extracts>
Citrus depressa extract, Orthosiphon stamineus extract, Suizenji laver polysaccharide

<Botanical water>
Apple fruit water, Sugar maple sap



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