Damage care Refining series that guides each hair to silky beauty.

"Tangle, wash without squeak and release from shampoo stress." Wrap hair that is more easily damaged during the shampoo process with rich foam that passes through the scalp and every corner of the hair and wash without squeezing.
Protect cuticles, smooth and glossy hair as you finger.

THREE scalp & hair series aiming at normalizing each homeostasis * in consideration of the environment surrounding modern people. A list of all products is here.
* Homeostasis: The power to maintain a healthy state

THREE Scalp & Hair Refining Shampoo R 250ml

SKU: T6M755

Main moisturizing and emollient ingredients

<Essential oil>
lavender oil, orange peel oil, tea tree oil, frankincense oil

<Vegetable oil and fat>
olive oil, cran bear vicinica seed oil, teaseed oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil, shea butter, mango butter

<Botanical & mineral water>
orange fruit water, spring water, maple water, apple fruit water

cork tree bark extract, baobab seed extract, Hyuga Toukiekisu, full sera Riarumu yellowtail chalice extract


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