THREE Ultimate Diaphanous Loose Powder 4 types




80% naturally derived ingredients

Free from parabens, synthetic perfumes, animal-derived ingredients, and mineral oils.

Finishing powder that achieves the ultimate barely-there texture.

Making use of the bare skin look created with the primer and foundation, this finishes your make up perfectly with particles as dainty as powder snow and clear color that won’t cloud your complexion.

Comes with a soft, luxuriantly long-pile puff that creates the ideal finish, as if using a brush.





THREE Ultimate Diaphanous Loose Powder 4 types

  • Botanical oils
    Inca inchi oil, tea seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, beeswax

  • [Glow / 2 shades]
    For a luscious finish that radiates a glowing shimmer.

    [Translucent / 2 shades]
    For a poreless, velvety-smooth finish that radiates luster.

    [Colorless / 2 shades]
    Matching any skin tone, this clear powder is suitable for creating a translucent bare skin texture.


    [Matte / 2 shades]
    The skin’s liveliness intensifies behind the lucent matte texture.


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