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UV care and makeup effect.

Birth of a new genre "Multi-use Liquid"

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For those who love the sun and bare skin.

THREE's new genre "Multi-use Liquid".

I want to bathe in the sun without fear of the sun.
To freely enjoy the active season.

I want to have a healthy look that makes my skin look lively.
So that the comfort overlaps with the beauty.

✓ Lightness that does not make you feel SPF50+

✓ Makeup effect that refines the feeling of bare skin
✓ Non-chemical prescription that you want to use every day

It is a multi-use liquid that unleashes summer, born from

THREE's skincare-based base makeup .

Be closer to the sun, stay more beautiful.
To the skin and mind, to yourself with glare.


THREE Solar Tinted Glow Flow

All 7 colors 30mL


UV rays, pores, dullness.

Multi-use liquid that covers with a single coat.

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Waterproof prescription

It resists water, sweat and sebum, and keeps its beauty with no noticeable pores even over time.

Inner Moisture prescription

It gives a silky feel and at the same time keeps the moisture in the stratum corneum firmly in place.

Color Control & Clearing Effect

A bright complexion with a lively skin that will not dull over time


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