for skincare time

THREE music that makes skin care time a special scene

For myself, for time and space.

The skin care that begins the day. Time to play with the shape of water and send comfort to your skin.
Skin care for the end of the day. Time to take off today's makeup and gently treat yourself.

I made music that blends into the time that I can use only for myself and the time when I can face myself, and bring a clear atmosphere to the place where I am now.


May your daily skin care time be your favorite scene of the day, comfortably wrapping up each person's mind, body and skin .




01 Morning Skincare Music
00:00 / 10:00
02 Night Skincare Music
00:00 / 10:00

Skincare music as BGM


It's comfortable to listen to, but it's like forgetting that you're listening to it.
At the skin care time in the morning and at the night
, we express such a sound that naturally switches the mode switch of the mind, body and skin .

With the sound of water flowing from the faucet, the sound of boiling water in the kitchen, the voice of someone talking, and the sound of life, the sound of
that day and time spreads out transparently on the spot.
Depending on your mood when listening, the impression of the sound may change.
The scent of natural essential oils will be different depending on your condition.



I would like
to become a music of such existence , such as a casual amulet, such as a casual tool that further enhances daily skin care time .

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THREE line
For healthy skin that responds to the enviroment
For skin with well- balanced water and oil content
For skin with feminine beauty with care according to age

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